Digital Book of Landscapes 2022


Chaired by Tim Gorton and Angela Wade

Workshop content overview

  • Why and What is Net Zero?
  • Background – Legislation & Policy
  • Landscape Focus – Landscape Institute
  • Landscape Focus – Atkins (Engineering Net Zero)
    • Greenhouse Gas Removal
    • Net Zero Buildings and Cities
    • Net Zero Energy Systems/li>
    • Net Zero Infrastructure
    • Net Zero Transportation
  • Summary – Achieving Net Zero Landscapes
  • Discussion

What we do well

  • SNC Lavalin already has a ‘Engineering Net Zero’ website and internal sharepoint site
  • Building Design have a sustainability team investigating potential ’Carbon Calculation Tool’ for Green Infrastructure
  • As a team Atkins landscape architects have most skillsets associated with the criteria required to achieve Net Zero Landscapes (see Summary page of presentation)

Where we can improve / ideas brought forward

  • How do we claim territory and show leadership?
    • We need a clear vision on how all our work comes together, how it is joined up
    • We as landscape architects are ‘Natural’ integrators. We need to tell the story
  • What does it mean to us?
    • Carrying on as existing is not an option
  • What can we do to feel empowered to challenge
    • Have better presence in relevant steering groups e.g. Building Design sustainability team
    • Lessons learnt e.g. from Edinburgh
  • What does it mean to our clients?
    • They are not the experts. We need to help them meet their objectives
    • Can we disrupt how our clients commission us

Next steps

  • Set up a framework of Landscape ‘sustainability ambassadors’ aligned with Building Design Sustainability Team
    • Currently we only have Ellie Wade in SW region. Needs expanding
    • Input to creation of ’Carbon Calculation Tool’ for Green Infrastructure
  • Establish a vision / tactics to tell our story
    • It is essential that a focussed and discipline relevant strategy is produced to ensure what we do aligns with key targets
    • Align this with SNC Lavalin’s ‘Engineering Net Zero’ goals
  • Establish lessons learnt from Edinburgh study
    • o Translate how it can be applied to other regional cities. Might translate better to other devolved nations but also need to determine how to apply to English cities
  • Potential Pilot studies
    • Choose three key clients
    • Determine what are their objectives ‘Policy, Politics, Money and Vision’
    • Go to them offering Net Zero / Green and Blue infrastructure pilot study (using lessons learnt from Edinburgh)