Digital Book of Landscapes 2022


Chaired by Neil Manthorpe

We have an international team of over 170 landscape architects spread across 6,500 miles from Las Vegas to Shanghai. We have an international community of landscape architects representing each of the regions who meet on a quarterly basis.

  • USA
  • UK
  • Sweden
  • UAE
  • India
  • China
  • Hong Kong

Last year we held our first online International Landscape Architecture Conference with over 120 people attending including Matt Tribe MD of the Middle East business who is an urban designer. We are keen to build on the success of this and look to how we might expand our influence as an international practice in the future. We discussed ideas and suggestions as to what we are doing well, what we could improve and upcoming opportunities.

What we are doing well

  • We have world class and award-winning work across all of regions of the globe.
  • The diversity of our teams – over 20 nationalities and 8 landscape institutes represented. There is a diversity of culture and appreciation of local issues with international experience
  • The opportunity to knowledge and experience share. To broaden our collective horizons.
  • Our ability to share resources across global regions and consider exchanges and secondments of staff into other regions.
  • Our GTC team in India are well established and networked across all international regions. It has been great having the long-term relations to build on from Monika and Snighda.
  • There is a shared vision and themes across the teams particularly around climate resilience.
  • Resource and experience sharing across different global regions is building.
  • Holding an international conference to give a wider group a clearer understanding of our capabilities.
  • Dezine article and promotion of our International landscape work.

Areas we can improve

  • How can we improve our sharing of experience, information and ideas. Improve the sharing of case study information through a central library
  • Experience and secondments. Expose more of the wider team to international work opportunities through trips, secondments and shared resources. Broaden our diversity, skills and experience.
  • Photography. More before and after photographs
  • How can new starters can be more aware of the wider global opportunities. Even at interview
  • More international CPDs.
  • Hear about people’s international experiences - Denmark and Middle East secondments.
  • Further publicise and market our best work.

Future Opportunities

  • Identify global themes:
    • Climate resilience
    • Mass transport
    • Ecology
    • 3D Immersion, latest technologies, and innovation
    • Holistic approach to design – impact assessments and environmental baseline
    • Establishing international standards
    • Build on personal relationships to grow our client base and networks.
    • Internal CPD programme – hear more about people’s life stories and international experience.